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Crooked & Acklins Islands, Bahamas

The sun forms a straight line in the direction of the Crooked and Acklins Islands. These lush islands form a circle around a beautiful lagoon called the Bight of Acklins. The pair of islands is celebrated for being located in one of the most remote portions of the Bahamas. The landscape here is almost surreal. Visitors can leave the world behind and explore a terrain that is dotted with limestone caves, coral gardens, quiet beaches and cliffs that appear to pierce the blue sky. Mysterious remnants of old cotton plantations can still be explored in the overgrown terrain just beyond the destination’s smooth beaches. The settlements of Gun Point and French Well seem untouched by time. Though sparsely populated, Crooked and Acklins Islands are quite welcoming to visitors looking to do a little exploring and fishing away from the crowds.

Both islands tell unique stories that one must see, taste and feel with all of the senses. Acklins enjoys an ethereal landscape that is created by rare rock formations, lush rolling hills, secret coves, idyllic villages and vibrant wildlife populations. Days here are filled with sunshine and warm waves. Nights here are filled with starry skies and breezes that seem to be whispering lullabies to all who will listen. Crooked Island is a virtual herb garden. Sweet and savory scents can be enjoyed whenever a tropical breeze rushes over the landscape. The island is home to a number of small towns and fishing villages that can be explored in a few hours. A number of reefs and underwater shelves tempt adventurous divers with promises of glimpses of rare fish.