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Andros, Bahamas

It’s hard to resist the cays and islets that make Andros feel like a slice of heaven that has fallen to Earth. Of course, its jagged shore looks like a place that is better suited for pirates than angels. The human mind can’t help but drift to visions of pirates and buried treasure from centuries ago while looking out at the unspoiled beaches, blue water and untamed terrain that defines the island. While some people come here to fish, others are lured over by the quiet beaches that line this sparsely populated mass of land. The Andros Barrier Reef is teeming with exotic marine life. In addition, a deep abyss known as the Tongue of the Ocean is home to some of the most exotic populations of marine life around. Blue holes and underwater caves attract divers from around the world. The island is sweetly scented by more than 50 species of wild orchids. Visitors love to search for rumored treasure at Morgan’s Bluff or explore the most famous underwater wall in the Bahamas at the Andros Wall.